About the Project

This project is shedding light on the forgotten women in history.

We shall remember them.


My dear friend Liv has started sharing fun animal facts in a facebook group we’re both in and so I decided to join the merry sharing of knowledge with my own passion: history and the roles women played.

Liv now has a patreon where she posts her amusing bits of information on our planet for free – check her out to learn all the things!


The posts in this blog feature all kinds of fascinating women, some good some bad and most somewhere inbetween. The featured women are from all the corners of the world and there are no real limitations to the era my featurettes stem from. The only rule is that they have to be people who really existed and in one way or another defied the social conventions of their time.


History Heroines is a fortnightly series. This means there will be a new post every 14 days or so.

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About the Author

Hi! I’m Sarah, fashion and costume designer with a knack for urban fantasy fashion. If you’re interested in what I’m doing besides this project, check out Woodcabin. I’m a huge nerd for mythology, nature and of course history.
And so History Heroines came to be…

How to Help

If you’d like to help with my research, you can buy one of the books from my wishlist. This will give me access to a broader range of sources which means more information. This is going to result in posts with a higher quality – and more of them! You can also support the project by buying me a virtual cup of coffee. And as always, sharing is caring.

Of course you can nominate your own heroine too! Please send an email to historyheroines@gmx.de or use the contact form.