This is a masterlist of all posts ever made on this blog.

It’s in alphabetical order and features some short info for you to navigate it easily.

And I’ve added pictures!


ca. 60 BC – ca.10 BC, Sudan
One-Eyed Warrior Queen of Kush who kicked Rome’s butt

Bríet Bjarnhéðinsdóttir

1856 – 1940, Iceland
Pioneer of Women’s Rights

Changunak Antisarlook Andrewuk

1870 – 1948, USA
Inupiat ‘Queen of the Reindeer’ and richest woman in Alaska

Edith Cavell

1865 – 1915, Belgium
nurse who was executed for treason in WWI

Emma, Lady Hamilton

1765 – 1815, UK
artists’ muse who developed her own art form


ca. 2300 BC, Iraq
first personally named author in all of history

Eudoxia, Aelia

ca. 377 – 404, Turkey
controversial Empress of the Eastern Roman Empire

Fatima al-Fihri

ca. 800 – ca. 880, Morocco
founded the world’s oldest existing university

Franca Viola

1948 – today, Italy
refused a reparation marriage

Gabriela Mistral

1889 – 1957, Chile
first Latin American to win the Nobel Prize of Literature

Helen and Elizabeth Cumming

1777 – 1874, ? – 1894, UK
founded an illicit distillery and made business flourish

Hipparchia of Maroneia

ca. 350 BC – 280 BC, Greece
philosopher who could not be bothered by tradition

Hortense Mancini

1646 – 1699, France/UK
duchess who could not be tamed

Ida Ferenczy

1839 – 1928, Hungary/Austria
Empress Sisi of Austria’s best friend

Indra Devi

1899 – 2002, India
brought yoga to the Western world

Jeanne Hachette

ca. 1454 – ?, France
key player in defending her city at age 18

Julie d'Aubigny

ca. 1670 – 1707, France
restless swordswoman and total badass

Katharina Henot

16th/17th century, Germany
postmaster who was burned as a witch

Kittie Smith

1882 – ?, USA
lost her arms at age nine but never her optimism

Lee Miller

1907 – 1977, USA/UK
model turned photographer, documenting WWII

Li Qingzhao

ca. 1084 – ca. 1155, China
revolutionary poet, collector of artifacts and dutiful wife

Lum Loy, Granny

ca. 1884 – 1980, Australia
businesswoman who survived three cyclones and a war

Manshuk Mametova

1922 – 1943, Kazakhstan
fought the Germans in WWII until her last breath

Maria Quitéria

1792 – 1853, Brazil
joined the army as a man, was found out and promoted

Marianne of Orange-Nassau

1810 – 1883, Germany
escaped a shitty marriage to be with the man she loved

Masiti, Dada

ca. 1810– 1919, Somalia
Muslim scholar and poet, living a self-determined life

Minna Canth

1844 – 1897, Finland
writer and activist ahead of her time, raised 7 kids on her own

Nanny, Queen

ca. 1686 – ca. 1755, Jamaica
Maroon leader and the bane of the British in Jamaica

Njinga Mbande

1583 – 1663, Angola
Mother of Angola and a thorn in the sides of the colonizers

Osh-Tisch and The-Other-Magpie

1854 – 1929, USA
women of the Crow tribe who fought at the Rosebud

Rose Lokissim

ca. 1955 – 1986, Chad
political prisoner who kept fighting for her cause

Shajar al-Durr

ca. 1220 – 1257, Egypt
Muslim sultan who stopped the 7th crusade

Siti binti Saad

1880 – 1950, Tanzania
known as the Mother of East African taarab music

Stephanie St. Clair

1886 – 1969, USA
gangster and community advocate at the same time

Susan La Flesche Picotte

1865 – 1915, USA
first Native American woman to earn a medical degree

Yaa Asantewaa

ca. 1840 – 1921, Ghana
leader of the final Ashanti rebellion against the British

Zheng Yi Sao

1775 – 1844, China
THE pirate queen